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SAP Symphony Orchestra

Contributing to musical culture in the community


Founded in 1997, the SAP Symphonic Orchestra has become the flagship of SAP’s involvement in the cultural and artistic sector. It is the aim of the orchestra – inspired by SAP’s mission – to make the world sound better. 

We are semi-professional by choice, comprising SAP employees and other highly talented amateurs, and professionals.
The orchestra has a varied repertoire, as it branches out from more traditional symphony orchestra and chamber music into film scores and symphonic rock projects. At our concerts for children, we perform pieces written to appeal to them to inspire a love of classical music even at a very early age.

In 2022, celebrating SAP’s 50th birthday, the orchestra managed to achieve a historic milestone by performing with the internationally renowned star pianist Lang Lang in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg!

Our team spirit, diversity, and passion reflect SAP’s steadfast and long-term commitment to culture. The orchestra is a compelling reminder of how – with attention to detail, perseverance, and discipline – individuals can come together to create something special. And, as such, the SAP Symphonic Orchestra is a testament of SAP’s unique organizational culture committed to excellence and growth.



SAP Symphony Orchestra’s brass quintet

Performing as Brass 5.0, a quintet of musicians from the SAP Symphony Orchestra express their shared passion for music-making through a rich and varied repertoire. Since it is hard to find original pieces for brass quintets – other than works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods – Brass 5.0 draws on a wealth of arrangements from across the musical spectrum. Its wide dynamic range and sound shine through.



SAP Symphony Orchestra’s flute ensemble

Whistleblower 3.0, comprising three flutists from the SAP Symphony Orchestra, takes you on a journey through musical history. We start in the Baroque period, the golden age of the flute, then explore the Classical and Romantic ages before arriving in the contemporary era, in which special effects and techniques have revolutionized the sound of the flute once again. Catchy ragtime pieces and modern arrangements of popular classics are also part of Whistleblower 3.0’s repertoire. The piccolo and alto flute make guest appearances. You’ll be amazed how versatile the flute is.


the musical direction of the symphony orchestra


Markus Neumeyer

Musical Director and Conductor (since 2024)

Musical curriculum vitae

Martin Spahr.JPG

Martin Spahr

Musical Director and Conductor (since 2023)

Musical curriculum vitae


Dr. Timo Jouko Herrmann

Musical Director and Conductor (2021-2022)

Musical curriculum vitae


Frederik Diehl

Musical Director and Conductor (2020-2022)

Musical curriculum vitae


Johanna Weitkamp

Musical Director and Conductor (1997-2020)

Musical curriculum vitae



people behind the SAP Symphony Orchestra


Christian Stumpf

Managing Director

Curriculum vitae


Winfried Rothermel



Lars Lamade



Paula Drabant

Events and Finance


Xaver Frank


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