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Christian Stumpf, the SAP Symphony Orchestra’s managing director, has a degree in business administration and engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and began a professional career as a quality manager at medical technology manufacturer CR BARD Medizintechnik Inc. in Karlsruhe in 1996.

He later moved into project and portfolio management, and worked as a trainer, coach, and project manager at ABB in Mannheim, at Deutsche Bahn Energie in Frankfurt, and at Deutsche Post World Net in Bonn. Stumpf joined SAP in Walldorf in 2012 and led various projects in change management, organizational development, and event management.

He received formal music training from a very early age, joining the Badisches Konservatorium music school in Karlsruhe when he was seven years old, where he learned the violin and joined the orchestra when he was 10. He discovered his affinity for orchestral performance, and from 1988 onwards he played in prominent amateur orchestras that won national competitions and were regularly invited to give concert tours all over the world. He joined the SAP Symphony Orchestra in 2008, and one year later began channeling his project management skills into managing the orchestra’s concerts. He gradually took on responsibility for personnel, strategy, publicity, and coaching for members of Heidelberg’s representative body for organizers of community events, which still stages most of the SAP Symphony Orchestra’s concerts.

Christian took over as managing director of the orchestra in April 2020 and will build on its role as SAP’s cultural flagship in the region and beyond.

Christian has two sons and lives in Heidelberg.

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